Rating Process

The rating process takes about three to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the assignment and the flow of information from the client. Rating decisions are made by the Rating Committee.


  • The rating assigned is communicated to the client along with a detailed rationale.
  • The ratings accepted by the clients are published and then monitored on a continuous basis over the life of the instrument.
  • CARE has a comprehensive in-house data base which facilitates surveillance of the various industries and companies operating in these industries.
  • Each rating is reviewed formally at least once a year, when analysts meet the issuer's management.
  • A review can also be triggered by a major development in the company or in the industry, which may have a significant bearing on the credit-worthiness of the company.
  • As a part of the review exercise, actual financial performance is analysed in the light of the estimates made earlier and deviations are examined.
  • CARE puts the rating under Credit Watch, when any event or deviation from the expected trend has occurred or is expected and additional information is necessary to take rating action.
  • The rating may be retained, upgraded or downgraded based on the changed prospects for the issuer. A rating change is at the absolute discretion of CARE, without concurrence of the client.

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